Mariah Katz

Writer, Editor, & Content Marketer

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Send me an email if you're looking for an experienced copywriter, editor, or content marketer. I'm open to freelancing.

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Past Experience

The Writing THat I do

I love writing content for mission-driven companies and non-profits. With six years of experience crafting messaging and branding for articles, websites, ad campaigns, videos, and more, I know how to make concise and meaningful content.

But content only matters if it can be seen. Let me deliver the message across your digital platforms so that it can reach your community. I can help you gain credibility and traction with copywriting and content marketing that is optimized for SEO and your unique voice.

My credentials

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Malmö University

B.A. in Political Science, Minor in Migration Studies

Bennington College

Writing Intensive

Content Marketing Certificate, Hubspot


Lead writer, editor, project manager, and marketer.

Lead writer, editor, project manager, and marketer.

Lead writer, editor, project manager, and marketer.

Video Production

My Most REcent ProjectS

Content marketing that spans articles,

videos, and project management.

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Violet Master Class Series

  • Producer & Copywriter
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Violet Blog

  • Content Marketing Manager
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Mariah Katz

Let's work together

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New York


Email me, and we can talk.


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